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Quiet place. Nice staff.
Ruth Cooper, on Google
Very happy with the personal and thorough professional service for my hearing aids. We spent a few office visits to get the hearing aid settings just right and they were very patient with my picky needs. I would HIGHLY recommend SoundPoint to anyone.
Tony Marquardt, on Google
After more than 30 years I have finally found the greatest place to go for all your hearing needs. The staff are friendly, courteous and helpful. They will make you feel confident in your decision to put your trust in them. I have resumed my social life knowing that I feel comfortable in a crowd again. My hearing aid is very impressive since I was told that my hearing was deteriorating and the only choice I would have was a big aid that went behind my ear. Thanks Drew you are a great guy! You will love him as much I do!
Reg McCormick, on Google
I hada problem with my aid. I went to the office without an appointment & was taken care of right away. That is what I call service. I am very pleased.
Dave Bernier, on Google
It has been a year and a half now that I have had my Starkey aids that I bought at Soundpoint Hearing in Surprise. Having numerous acquaintances that had gone to hearing aids, I was somewhat reluctant to commit, simply for the fact that I wasn’t real impressed with the quality of their hearing with the aids. So, I decided to do my own research, using them as quinea pigs. Although, I had no way of knowing how their hearing was previous to the aids, I could tell which ones appeared to have excellent hearing with them, so I approached them as to what brand they were and where they purchased them. Incidentally, I did approach those who appeared to still not be “catching” everything as to their brands. After reading most of the reviews available out there on the brands in question, and I won’t mention the other brands, because it isn’t necessarily that the other brands were not as good, but it was all about having a knowledgeable person to program them to your hearing deficit, and stick with you until you are happy with the product. It is not magic; you don’t just pop them in and never think about them again; they are a highly technical digital device, that turns audio sound into digital sound, and they take getting used to. Each ear is different and has to be programmed differently. After wearing them awhile, you realize that maybe you might need more mid-tones and less high frequencies, or more low frequencies. Sometimes a different earbud is needed in one because your ear canal is a different size than the other and it may not be transmitting the sound properly. Different modes are programmed, that can be selected with your iPhone or android phone when you are in different venues. If you haven’t yet adjusted to the noise around you, just hit the mute button…I really like that one sometimes. The thing is that the programming technician cannot read your mind, and we are talking about Drew down at Soundpoint. He will never quit on you as long as you can tell him what you think you are not hearing. I had forgotten, over the years, what good hearing sounded like, but thanks to Drew’s perseverance, I can truthfully say that I am very happy with my hearing now, but not getting as many laughs, since I don't come up with all those hilarious "rhyming words" anymore.
Phil Santens, on Google

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